2018 Speaking Schedule

Jan. 8-11

Southern Union Ministerial Convention

Jan. 13 

Mount Calvary Church (Huntsville, AL) 

Jan. 19-28

Tobago Evangelism Conference (Trinidad and Tobago)


February 2018

Feb. 4-11

Festival of the Laity (Fiji Islands)

Feb. 18-19

Northeastern Evangelism Conference (Stamford, CT)

Feb. 22

Greater New York Conference Pastor's Meeting (New York, NY)


March 2018

March 9-10

Central California Prayer Conference (Modesto, CA)

March 15-18

Alberta Conference World Youth Day Convention (Edmonton, Alberta)


April 2018

April 7

Breath of Life Fellowship (Stamford, Connecticut)

April 8

Northeastern Elder's Preaching Seminar (Queens, NY)

April 13-15

Rekindle Conference (Denver, Co)

April 28

Mt. Sinai Church, (Orlando, FL)


May 2018

May 4-5

Kingsboro Church (Brooklyn, NY)

May 6

Clarendon Rd. Church of CMA

May 27

GAAA Commencement Keynote (Atlanta, GA)


June 2018

June 2

Mt. Olive Church (Apopka, FL)


July 2018

July 7

Bethel Church (Pomona, CA)

July 22

House of Hope Macon (Macon, GA)

July 28

Toronto West SDA Church (Toronto, ON)


August 2018

Aug. 4

Boulevard SDA Church (Atlanta, GA)

Aug. 11

 Community Worship Center (Queens, NY)

Aug. 25

Alpha SDA Church (Austin, TX)



Sept. 1-3

Germany SDA Military Weekend Retreat (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Sept. 8

First Church (Huntsville, AL)

Sept. 30

House of Hope Macon



Oct. 6

Bronx Church Anniversary (Bronx, NY)

Oct. 13-20

Metro Church (Joburg, South Africa)



Nov. 10

Adventists for Social Justice Convention (Atlanta, GA)

Nov. 17

The WHO Church (Houston, TX)



Dec. 7-8

Restoration Ministries (Bermuda)

Dec. 29

Mt. Rubidoux SDA Church